The Circle

The Circle

All things are formed from nothingness. In the case of the circle, the centre is empty, but yet it is the emptiness that gives the circle its form. This is analogous to how an idea is sparked by intuition and creativity and formed, usually, from nothing.

The circle is the simplest shape but at the same time it can be infinitely complex. It is simple because it is formed by a single stroke but the complexity comes when the one stroke creates a shape that has no beginning and no end.

The impact and influence of a simple idea can be far-reaching and endless.

Purity, Perfection, Harmony

The circle is a pure and perfect shape. It is infinitely symmetrical. Its simplicity is unsullied by corners and edges. There is a perfect ratio between its dimensions. When admiring the lines of the circle, the centre’s emptiness is highlighted. When contemplating upon its empty centre, the lines are accentuated. There is a beauty in the harmony between the line and the empty space.


From one perspective, a circle has no edges; from the other, it has an infinite number of edges.

Take a square and add one side to it. The square becomes a pentagon.

Take the pentagon and add one side to it. The pentagon becomes a hexagon.

As the shape increases its number of sides it slowly becomes more and more like a circle. When this shape has an infinite number of sides it becomes a circle; it becomes the perfect shape.

Creativity and innovations can be founded by being multifaceted. One can cultivate an environment of creativity by being exposed to different arenas. The fundamental principles can be found in all things and applied to all things. That is what I perceive as “To know ten thousand things, know one thing well”. Being exposed to the diversity will help the search for the fundamental principles.

I leave this section unfinished because I am still on the same journey to discover how to be creative and innovative. Perhaps just like the journey, this section will never be completed.

Stay curious. Stay creative.

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