The Bernoulli’s Principle

Bernoulli's PrincipleAs fluids travel faster, their pressure decreases and vice versa.

When air, a fluid, travels over an airfoil (think airplane wing), the stream of air travelling over the wing has to travel faster than the stream going under it.
This creates a difference in pressure over the airfoil versus under it.
This, along with Newton’s second law, is what many consider to be the explanation to lift.
The difference in pressure causes lift and in turn, the difference in traveling speed of the two fluid streams causes pressure differential.
What does this have to do with entrepreneurship? Lots of things. It’s relatable to team dynamics and co-founder relations.

Team Dynamics

We often think everyone has to travel at the same pace to make progress. It doesn’t.
It’s okay for certain people/roles to move faster than others. Acknowledge and accept the fact that people move and learn at different paces. Communicate this fact with the rest of your team so they know as well avoiding needless frustrations.
New, more creative observations, and connections can be made when people come together and work, think and learn out of sync with each other.

Co-Founder Relations

The best partners I’ve had the pleasure of working with (also people whom I’ve learned the most from) are the ones that are opposite of me. The different perspective, mode of thinking and pace of taking action/learning helped me see problems and solutions in a different way. Working with someone too similar to myself would not have opened this perspective.
Yes, there were friction because of the different pace but over-communicating circumvents this. When we gain the other’s perspective we learn more and create a stronger bond.