These are great resources for any business people and, in particular, entrepreneurs.

Where Good Ideas Come From: the Natural History of Innovation

Steven Johnson

One can be conditioned to be more innovative. This made a strong case for why being a generalist in your undergraduate degree may be beneficial. Combining the lessons learned from this book with Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech has helped me realize the benefit of my education in biochemistry and business management.

The Book of Five Rings

Miyamoto Musashi, translated by William Scott Wilson

This is a deeply philosophical book. I plan to reread this once in a while to hopefully derive more insight into business, marketing and life. It’s a very enjoyable read. My favourite quote is, “from one thing know ten thousand things”.

Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech

I also revisit this speech periodically. Whenever I feel I’ve lost my way or things have gone awry, this speech helps me connect the dots (and of course, sometimes you can only connect the dots looking backwards).

Inc magazine/website

A cornucopia of interesting articles and topics for any business person (not just startups/entrepreneurs).

Coles Note Calculus

Calculus: Early Transcendentals by James Stewart

This Coles Note reminds me of my ability to overcome challenges because I taught myself Calculus using this ~100 pager during the early years of high school. Not only does it serve as a symbol of triumph and perseverance, but it also helps refresh my memory so I can do some practice questions in the textbook by Stewart. Redoing calculus problems helps me stay fresh and sharp with my problem solving skills. It’s actually pretty fun (sometimes).

Workforce of One: Revolutionizing Talent Management Through Customization

Susan Cantrell

Frankly, human resources is one of the weakest links in any startup. This book will help any entrepreneur or manager retain talent and build an amazing team. By focusing on what motivates the individual, you’ll be able to harness their full potential.

An analogy from my marketing professor.

Tarun Dewan

An idea is like a virus.

I’m actually going to write an article about this. Stay tuned.