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With the introduction of the iPod touch, the portable gaming industry faced a serious new contender: mobile devices that doubles as gaming consoles.
This new subset of the gaming industry is the new mobile gaming industry.
Solely on the premise of “why should I bring an extra console with me when I have a phone that’s just as powerful?”.
Though the birth of the mobile gaming industry is attributed to Apple, I think it’s Sony that’s upped the ante with their Xperia Play phone. The company touts it as the first Playstation certified phone.

On a side note: why is the camera focused on the phone instead of that pretty girl? I’m sure some poor photographer was forced into doing this photo. That’s the sad reality of corporate stranglehold on us mere mortals.
You should go visit the Sony Ericsson websiteĀ here.

Now when you first look at this phone, there’s a bit of familiarity to it.
Oh right, there’s a strange semblance to the PSP go!
Check it out:

Screen cap fromĀ here.
They’re twins!

I really like the way Sony avoids any cannibalization of market share by discontinuing the PSP go and porting all that technology into the Xperia Play (more commonly known as the PSP phone now).
This is also one of the best examples of what some of the best cell phone companies are doing: leveraging existing technologies it has from its deep portfolio of products into newer products to capture market share.

Back on the topic of cannibalization. A good strategy is to discontinue the older products and slowly phase them out, but still providing support to existing users. This is what vendors and makers of operating systems do as well as printers and ink cartridges.

This post inspired me to write something else. So I’ll cut this one short and start writing about another topic that’s much more interesting.


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