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As consumers, ourselves, we all know that it’s hard to grab the audience’s attention.
Whether it be that we PVR our favourite shows to skip through the commercials or zap and zip while we watch TV, consumers almost never really pay full attention to the advertising and marketing that’s going on.
Marketers are always fighting the consumers for their attention.
Enter the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Standing 5 ft 11 in tall. Dana “Big Boss” White!
I honestly think this guy’s brilliant.
Pushing the sport of mixed martial arts from the brink of certain death to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. And the company does amazing marketing.

I can almost say with confidence that there’s only one other company that does a better job at social media marketing that I know of (more on this at a later date).
The company broadcasts fights on their facebook page, how innovative is that?
On their facebook page is says: “Like us to see the UFC 130 prelims” (see picture below).

Only this, but Dana White has over 1,450,000 followers on twitter.
Recently, the day before the historical first fight in Toronto, On (my hometown and favourite place in the world) Dana White gave out tickets to a sold-out event at the busiest intersection (Dundas and Yonge).
One tweet and 30 minutes later almost 200 people showed up. Can we say successful guerrilla marketing?

When I say integration, I really mean integration.
Twitter in this organization has a huge role in hyping up a fight and selling tickets.
Almost all fighters have their own twitter account; and often these accounts are used to, rather publicly, call out or taunt other fighters.
Another high point that I feel other companies can take a page out of the UFC guide to twitter marketing book is how you can tweet the big boss and often get a response back. Now that’s two-way communications.
When the customer/client feels connected, things will go a lot smoother. Unless your client is like that annoying suspicious girlfriend that keeps calling you when you’re not by her side. And even when you’re there in front of her, she keeps asking you about what happened that time you were in the showers didn’t pick up. But I digress.

Social media aside, this company has all the propaganda lined up as well (and I use this word not in the negative connotation). They have a magazine, their own videos, the UFC gym franchise, online forum, TV show/reality series, DVD’s of “classic fights”, and their own “fan expos”.
I guess when you have money to throw around you can do all this sort of thing.

The take away message should be how twitter is being used.
Emails are nice and great, but if you want a quick response, then twitter is much more effective for a company.

Overall, the UFC with its mass marketing strategy and its amazing social media integration deserves a 9 b out of 10.

Also it deserves a bee choice award!

Congratulations UFC!
You’re doing well in my books. If that’s at all meaningful or not.

Oh I forgot about the PR this company gets. But I guess that’s a whole new post.
So for now, let’s sit back and admire the UFC’s effective use of twitter for two-way communication.

Actually, when it comes to effective communication and good customer service the next blog entry is a very good case study of a burgeoning online company that is revolutionizing its industry. Stay tune!

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