and then there were four

Pretty Telus birds.

I’ve been using wireless mobile internet for the past 3 months in Canada. Although I shouldn’t complain because I can still access my data connection inside buildings (unlike some of our unlucky AT&T cousins down south), but sometimes information just doesn’t load at the speed you wish it did.
Within the telecommunications industry in Canada there’s a battle for supremacy going on. The three major players, Bell, Rogers, and Telus, are vying for the top dog position. The temporary alliance of Bell and Telus drew first blood in the advertising department when they won a lawsuit against Rogers over their claim of being the fastest and most reliable network (too lazy with the research this is the best you’re gonna get in terms of outside info). With Bell and Telus’ HSPA+ network, it’s easy to see why the courts sided with Telus on this one (didn’t find something on this one, so you’ll have to take my word for it).
But that’s all old news.
Recently I came across a rather interesting billboard ad:

Along the DVP in Toronto.


Zoomed in.

Btw, those pictures took forever to upload.

I guess Telus drew first blood with the advertising as well!
Though through the grapevine, I hear Rogers will be rolling out LTE in 2012.
(In Mr. Bean’s voice) It’s a race!
I’m really looking forward to using the 4G network in Canada. Small businesses and power users will definitely reap the benefit of a faster mobile connection, especially with the utility, functionality and power of modern smartphones.
Imagine being able to respond to email purchase orders. Download and work on invoices and order sheets on the go. Connect with vendors and suppliers simultaneously through video. Ah, the possibilities.
Of course, this is an absolute nightmare for the average employee (being tethered to office work even on the go), but this will be a dream-come-true for the entrepreneur looking to increase his or her control of the flow business and increase efficiency.
Imagine doing all that at a blazingly (I made up that word) fast speed.

So in the battle of telecoms, it’s a war of attrition between the big 3 (speaking of which it was a disappointing loss yesterday, Miami). Let’s see who actually gets to roll out LTE first. Because it’s always good to be first.

That is, of course, unless you’re a rat; the second rat gets the cheese.

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