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Science is about curiosity, reproducibility, and analysis.

Where is the edge of space? What happens at the very small subatomic level? How does the body work? All these are exercises of the curious mind. To practice science is to be curious. It is to explore and uncover what’s underneath the shroud of the unknown. To be validated in Science is to have reproducible results. Outcomes must be replicated with accuracy and precision. To be analytical and numbers-savvy is a natural expectation for any scientist. You must be able to think critically and scrutinize your findings whether they confirm or disprove your initial ideas.

My experience in biochemistry has helped me to be curious about human behaviour on the Internet. It has led me to consistently craft search engine marketing campaigns that meet and exceed expectations. Dealing with confusing and sometimes conflicting results back in my undergraduate studies has equipped me with the analytical and critical thinking skills to know when the campaigns I managed measure up to expectations.



Marketing is about understanding, convincing, and perpetuating.

Who are we trying to sell to? Why aren’t our customers filling out this form? How do we leave a lasting impression?

It all starts with the people:

Good marketing happens when people buy what they want at their acceptable price in a convenient place.

Better marketing happens when people go out of their way to buy what they want.

The best marketing happens when people buy something they didn’t know they wanted.



After telling people I studied both biochemistry and marketing in university, people often wonder how that worked because the two disciplines are so different. On more occasions , I’ve been asked whether it’s a disadvantage to be studying such dissimilar fields. My answer has always been the same: studying biochemistry as well as marketing has helped me become more creative and insightful for both fields.

My creativity stems from my brain being stimulated by different types of problems and constantly trying to find the most effective and efficient solution.

If you’re interested in learning more about my work experiences, you can view my resume here.

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